About Us.

The Printwave is a full-service commercial printing company that produces high-quality, full-color printing with a fast turnaround.


  • Printed materials are an essential to successfully running any marketing campaign. From the beginning stages of design to mailing and distribution, we offer services to satisfy all your printing needs. You’ll find The Printwave to be your first and last stop when it comes to your printing needs.

  • Get professional printing for half the price. We provide our customers with an efficient application to order your printing at half the price of commercial printers. Whether you’re a business large or small or even an individual, we’re committed to providing high-quality printing that is affordable for all.  

  • You can always expect the highest quality. Some companies sacrifice quality to provide  low prices. With our state-of-the-art printing presses and prices ranging 20%-50% below the average, The Printwave consistently offers high-quality printing services for an affordable price.  

  • You call the shots when it comes to your printing. From business cards and postcards to vinyl signs and full-color posters, you’ll find an endless array of customization options. Even if your order doesn’t fit within our normal printing services, you can request to have a custom quote. The Printwave has the capacity to handle virtually any printing project. 

  • Your printing experience can be as easy as 1-2-3. From our secure servers to our user-friendly application, we’re committed to making your printing experience as smooth and easy sailing as possible. We offer a glossary to get you acquainted with printing jargon and we also document frequently asked questions to provide quick answers. And if you’re still in need of assistance, The Printwave’s friendly customer service is here to tend to any inquiries, comments, or concerns you may have throughout the printing process.  

  • We offer our services under the notion that we’re working on your time. That’s why we offer affordable and high-quality printing services at a quick turnaround that’ll have you handing out your printed materials with pride in no time.  

  • It's time to catch the wave into the future of printing buying! So what’s there to lose? As a company invested in your printing project from start to finish, providing quick turnaround and affordable prices, you’re only sure to make gains.



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