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Vinyl Banner Printing Information.

Vinyl Banner turn around time:ships 3-5 days after proof approval.

Vinyl Banner material options:
13 oz scrim Vinyl. Mainly used  for outdoor applications.
10 Mil Vinyl.  Mainly used for indoor applications.

Vinyl Banner sizes:
Measured in feet.  height x width

Color Options:
Vinyl banners are printed in full color and are one sided.

Option to have grommets in the four corners or every 2 feet. 
If your banner is larger then 10 square feet then we reccomend the grommet every 2 feet option.

Pole Pockets: These are used if you will be adding poles for stabilty.

Hems: We offer Hemming all four sides or on the top and bottom of the vinyl banner only.

Vinyl Banners have many uses.

Community Events banners- Outdoor vinyl banners used for Festivals, Carnivals, Fairs, Rodeos and any other Community Events.
Schools and Education- Science Fair Banners, Fundraising vinyl banners, prom banners and Special Events indoor and outdoor banners.
Sports vinyl banners- Outdoor banners for sports tournaments and sponsorship.
Team Vinyl Banners- Basketball banners, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Racing, Hockey and many other outdoor banner uses.
Trade shows vinyl banners- Tradeshow booth identification banners & product presentation.
Retail advertising banners- Create your own custom banners and digital print vinyl banners for sales, advertising, marketing and promotion.
Band banners - Need a banner for your musical group or band? Whether you need a rock band banner, a gospel band banner, a country band banner or any type of group your in, our vinyl banners can be produced any size and any color.
Church Banners - Need a church banner? Banner printing for churches are becoming more popular. Now that digital printing is easy and inexpensive, church banners have many uses

You can be a small or big business looking to add to your m

arketing campaign or you can be individual planning a wedding or graduation party. No matter what you’re looking for, can cater to whatever suits your needs.

Vinyl Banners

Looking to advertise for the school carnival or a garage sale? Durable and long-lasting, a vinyl banner is the best way to go and can be reused for years to come. If you’re a business with a seasonal promotion, vinyl banners can be used season after season, saving you money on reprinting fees.

The design, size, and color of your vinyl banner are all your choice and will provide the highest quality banner that’ll be sure to get the job done.

Whether it’s a large marketing campaign, seasonal promotion, or graduation party, believes that you deserve the best quality possible for the lowest price possible.

Vinyl Banners: Design Tips Many people are using vinyl banners today to sell items, celebrate or just to advertise. Vinyl is more durable than paper banners or even cloth banners. Vinyl is rain resistant and many are basically fade proof. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party or trying to sell something at your local's peddler's market, you will find that a banner is a cost effective way to get your message heard.

If you are designing your own vinyl banner, do not feel overwhelmed it is a simple task that most people can do with ease. First you must have clear image of what you would like it to convey. To do this you must clearly understand the purpose of using this effective advertising tool. If you are using it to celebrate a birthday or holiday and you would like to reuse it in the future, you must consider being vague in what the banner says. For example if you want to use the same banner several years for a child's birthday, you can simply have Happy Birthday and insert the child's name, if you include the child's age on the banner it will not work the next year. If you are using it for a seasonal sale you may not want to include the price of the item, as price tends to vary from year to year. You could instead use a typical sale percentage, e.g. 10% off, or you can just use a catch sale phrase, e.g. Mattress Prices Slashed! or Best Deal Around!.

Color is something to consider when designing vinyl banners. Color can draw the eye to the sign or allow the sign to blend into the surroundings. This is why when you decide on color you should survey the potential placement areas to make sure that the banner does not get lost in the background, you want it to pop and stand out. Often Bright colors are used in signs to capture the attention of customers or guests, but sometimes dark or even very light signs can be just as eye catching. Putting a simple batch of the colors you are planning to use can be very helpful in making a decision.

Remember when designing your vinyl banners you want to make sure that the message is clearly conveyed, the color usage is appropriate and it is eye catching. While each banner is different and are used in very different ways, the basic design principals are the same.

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