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 Often times a business card is one of the only chances a professional has to make that first impression. Offering your business card and accepting another is part of daily business communication. Whether it is a scheduled event, an impromptu lunch, or a coincidental meeting at a party, a custom business card can initiate a consultation or spark an important business discussion. The practice of handing out business cards is a well known and an important part of communicating your contact information, product, service and company image. Custom business card printing is an important aspect of doing business.

Business Cards 101
A business card is a small portable physical document listing your contact information and your company's contact information. The convenience is that these cards can be carried easily and referenced quickly when needed. A basic business card will include the information such as the Name, Title, Company Name, Address and Phone Number. In today’s world, more information needs to be available to the customer and therefore more information will need to appear. This is where a full color business card will fit in. Now we can include a company logo or slogan as well.

What To Include
Here are some suggestions on what to include on your custom business cards:

Specialty Service
Company Tag Line or Slogan
Web Address
Email Address
Graphics and Logos
Products or Services
Discount Offers

As you can see, the information is targeted more towards a marketing document rather than simply contact information. We have included things like the slogans and logos that help to brand and sell the company image. In this case we are marketing the individual and promoting the business at the same time.

Also, some individuals will create custom business cards when looking for a job. The above list can help but instead of the company information and the corporate web  site address, what about a link to your online resume? We can include a listing of skills on the back or certifications and their certificate logos on the front.


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