Tri Fold Brochure Marketing Ideas

  A tri fold brochure nested inside a custom presentation folder can be a powerful tool when introducing your company and services. Within the introductory package, a brochure can be used to detail the company business practices, past success stories or a short description of the company history. This type of promotion should be friendly but informative; in this case you are attempting to sell the company and its image while giving some insight on your product and services.


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During seminars and presentations, brochures or sell sheets can assist the presenter by placing more accurate and detailed information into the hands of the audience. The presentation can focus on the highlights and the company while the brochure states the specifics of your product or service. Real estate brochures can include the property images along with facts and figures related to the real estate market.

Other marketing ideas include direct mailing campaigns. Tri fold brochures can be used as a self-mailer or couple the brochure with a request for more information, survey or other incentives for the customer to contact your company. They can fit into a standard business size envelope and these types of brochures are meant to present the product or service in a professional and graphical manner.

Real estate brochures, retail, or Point-of-Sale brochures are meant to "catch the eye." The front panel needs to be dramatic to draw in potential customer curiosity. This type of brochure has less copy and a larger concentration of graphics and headlines. Customers may only glance at the brochures cover and you will need to grab their attention in that moment with an image or headline that is irresistible. Product brochures should include the product images, and/or models using the product to help sell it. Images should be taken by a professional and edited for print quality. Nothing is worse then looking at a grainy picture of a product in a sales brochure.

Brochure Writing Tips

Keep copy short and informative.
Descriptions should be limited to a paragraph.
Stay on topic.
Utilize eye catching headings and titles.
Avoid technical terminology and details.
Use bulleted lists.
Use all six panels.

Tri Fold Brochure Design Tips

The Front Cover

The cover panel should display your company logo and eye-catching statements or phrases when the brochure is folded. This panel should be dramatic and include copy that targets your customers' interests. The cover panel is your chance to catch the customer's interest and persuade them to pick up the brochure and read more. At trade shows individuals are handed many different brochures, postcards and flyers. Tri fold brochures are small and very portable so visitors will carry it to be read later back at the office. Give them a reason to hang on to it by spicing up that front cover and including a catchy headline.

Inside Panels

Brochures or sell sheets can be designed to cater to certain marketing situations such as hand-outs for election campaigns, workshops, a sales meeting, point-of-sale locations or flyer distribution. Brochure hand-outs should be informative and sales oriented. The individual is expected to collect many different types of advertising material at a trade show and usually will review it in more detail later. This type of brochure needs to include more detailed information, charts, graphs and tables are useful along the back panels and well-written copy on the inner panels can help to make the sale. This technique includes brochures that are intended to be left behind after sales meetings or included in a custom presentation folder.

Back Panel

The back panel is where you can include more information on the product and, of course, the company contact information. Tables and charts are a nice way to compare products and services or list options not detailed on the front panels. By placing this on the back panel, you are saving room on the front panels for your sales and product images. You can also discuss how the process works, the customer service options, any money back guarantees and include an invitation to your web site. The last panel should include ordering instructions, contact information, the web address, or 800 numbers. The back panel on tri fold brochures can also be used as the mailing panel of a self–mailer. When it is used as the mailing panel you should add a return address and try to keep the fold on the bottom of the panel, this will help with automation at the post office and commercial mailing houses. Whether it's trade shows, corporate packets, educational brochures, church flyers or a party flyer, tri fold brochures can be a simple and useful marketing tool. offers tri fold brochures while specializing in full color postcards, flyers, catalogs, door hangers, posters or sell sheets, custom presentation folders and takeout menus. We also provide you the option to request a custom quote for your items that do not fit the pricing page provided.



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