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Brochure Printing information.
Our brochures are printed on a premium 100lb gloss coated text stock.

Brochure turnaround time:
Ships 3-5 days after proof approval.

Ink options for brochures:
4/4 Printed full color on both sides.
4/0 Printed full color on the front and blank on the back.

Paper options for brochure printing:
100lb gloss premium text stock with gloss on both sides.

Additional options for brochures:Folding, Drilling, UV coating.

Folding options for brochures: Letter fold, Fold in half, Z fold, Roll fold.

Other names for brochures: tri-folds, marketing tools, spec sheets, handouts, flyers, promotional flyers, tri-fold brochures.

Brochures make for a great marketing tool and have many uses from restaurant menus to promotional materials. Choose from fold style and size to deciding whether or not to order full-color brochures. At, you’ll be getting the highest quality brochure printing available for the lowest price available.

We have clients throughout the US from New York, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Toledo, Columbus, Pittsburg, Tampa to Las Vegas and San Diego. brochure printing services won’t leave you disappointed!

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Brochure Printing

Brochures make a great marketing tool and have many uses from restaurant menus to promotional materials.  Another great feature about brochures is that you’ll have many customization options. Coming in a variety of sizes and fold styles, you’ll be able to fully customize your brochure to suit your business needs.

You’re in control when it comes to the des ign of your brochure. Choose from fold style and size to deciding whether or not to order full-color brochures. Full-color brochures make an eye-catching product that’s sure to grab your customer’s attention quicker than black and white.  Have no worries! If you’re feeling a little lost about where to get started in your brochure design, offers free templates for download.

Some companies sacrifice quality in order to give you the lowest price, but offers professional brochure printing for a great price. At, you’ll be getting the highest quality brochure available for the lowest price available.

Brochures are a great tool for getting information  about your business to prospective customers in a simple and functional way. The effective use of text and art can leave a lasting impression, enticing customers to learn more.

Brochure printing consist of several aspects.  A standard brochure format is the tri-fold but will be able to show you others you might find more appealing or appropriate for your business. Decide on format first as this decision will drive the others you will soon make.

After choosing a format, think about the message you want to convey on your brochures. Are you a professional, with just one employee and one service, or a company with many employees and several services?  In the first case, your brochure may go into greater detail about your personal training, experience, and areas of expertise. In the latter, you may want to focus on several aspects of the business.

Make sure your text is clean, without spelling or grammatical errors, and try to keep it short and to the point. White space, the clear space around the text and artwork, can be as important as the message itself.

Choose your artwork wisely. A quality portrait photograph, a logo, shots of a product in action, all are good choices for breaking up the text and providing visual appeal. Look at brochures for similar products and services to see what works and doesn't work. can show you samples of successful brochures we have printed.Keep your font selections simple and clean. Stick to one or two, in varying sizes, and choose tried and true fonts. Whatever you do, avoid clutter. Simpler is almost always better.

Brochures are one of your best sales tools and a well-designed, carefully written brochure will help your business make a lasting impression. Let be your source for full color brochure printing.

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